Wholesale expertise,

to digitize your multichannel sales

We have the know-how to work for a wide variety of industries and sectors. Professionalize your wholesale channel, boost your customers’ purchase ticket by minimizing the time to market of your products.

Reinvent your digital channel with

B2B business experts

Going beyond B2B

In the B2B world, it is key that the platform adapts to your business
industry, and that you know all the implications of professionalizing your wholesale area.

Developing results

We have more than 15 years of experience, and we have a team of designers,
developers and wholesalers expert in e-commerce, who will help you detect opportunities, survey the market and the competition.

Follow-up and growth

We know that your B2B digital business will be an indispensable column in your
sales area. To accompany you on this new path, we provide our platforms with a high value-added support service.

Benefits for
your digital

We generate solutions that empower your business and help you scale as you get results.

B2B customization

We develop the site with your business in mind, focusing on simplifying the sale and providing a superior experience to companies buying on your website.

Multi-sector experience

We have worked in more than 30 different industry sectors, professionalizing wholesale sales for companies of multiple sizes and needs.

Scalable technology

We work with world-class technologies so you can grow your traffic and sales.

Multiple products and prices

Our platform allows you to create differentiated product catalogs, and precisely define the price for each type of customer.

Main characteristics

100% commercial
Precise prices and specific commercial conditions for each of your customers, tailored to your business. Create and manage your promotions to ensure great results.

Seamless integration with multiple wholesale channels for centralized inventory and sales management. Create Dropshipping channels with your volume customers.

Mobile Ready
Created for the mobile world with an optimal site speed that allows the easy creation of a web progressive app or the integration of a native APP via API.

The platform can be adapted to the business model of each project, taking the customer experience (CX) of the industry/service sector to the limit of its potential.

A fully cloud platform, supported by the world’s leading providers, and our working method ensure extreme stability, as well as rapid scalability on demand.

We evolve our platform to meet the highest demands of your business and the market to give you maximum operational control.


Pages that load faster and are rated higher by Google ensure better SEO results for your operations. Google will reward you, and so will your customers.


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  • Performance 96% 96%


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  • Accesibilidad 95% 95%



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  • Accesibilidad 93% 93%

Good practices


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  • SEO 98% 98%

Statistics of our platform demo according to Google Lighthouse.

Success stories

Projects made 100% customized, meeting the particular needs of your business, and accompanying the expectations of companies and investors who trusted us.

Droguería 20 de Junio

This regional leader in the sector reinvented its digital wholesale model, channeling 70% of its sales to more than 2,000 pharmacies through our platform. With real-time logistics.

Souter S.A.

Souter is one of the largest men’s footwear factories in Argentina, and it takes advantage of our B2B platform to take orders from all its retail customers. It integrates 360 ° photography and rendering technologies, taking advantage of the platform for the digital presentation of its seasons.


It is the first electronic market for pork trade in Argentina. It is a digital marketplace that allows users to buy and/or sell pigs.


We have the experience, the know-how, and the vision of constant innovation that allow us to meet all requirements, working with the most important technological partners.

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